The Business OS

One platform to create a software suite uniquely tailored to your business needs.
By standardizing how each software module interacts with each other, Our platform ensures that any two modules work with no hindrance when used together to solve a business need.



SDK to build sharable modules containing Infra + Code + UI

A Simple NPM Binary to create Modules as NPM Packages. Somod prepares AWS SAM Project and/or NextJs Project by combining multiple modules in the dependency tree. The prepared projects are ready for deployment.

Get Started
> npx create-somod > cd my-module > npm start

The MICRO APP Platform

Web-based console to create business applications by selecting and configuring somod modules.

Use web console to create and manage applications by cherry-picking pre-built modules.

Why Sodaru ?

More than choosing software, it is a pain-taking task to integrate them.
By enforcing the conventions during the build, SOMOD SDK ensures the module is capable of integration.
Sodaru Micro App Platform is a web console to cherry-pick modules and craft the business software suite online.
Choose from a pool of modules available in every category (profile pages, marketing, sales, blogs, e-commerce, accounting, inventory), configure and deploy to get your software running.
The good part is you can develop and deploy your custom modules too.
SomodMicro App Platform

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